Arranged marriages are acceptable still, right?

You know what today is? Do ya, do ya? It's the day my evil trinity is made complete! Eeeek!

See, I have three kids; 2 boys, 1 girl. And my friend Andy over here; 1 girl, 1 boy. Until today, that is......

All he has to do is have one more girl, and in 20 years or so we can start, through our grandchildren, to build the evil empire that will dominate the WORLD!

Everyone, please, say a little something to your god of choice for a girl. So that we can rule you as evil grand-overlords. Or something like that.

So much for that idea update:

My oh my, but is he ever a keeper. Details here.

Snarky update, upon further consideration:

It's a caption contest! My contribution.....

Awww, look! He has his mother's sweet nose and his daddy's big mouth.

Others happily posted.

Maybe you had to be there....

Not a very good picture, eh? Well, let me explain.

The Story:

Fresh off of some Nacho Libre, the boys decided to wrestle to the death to the pain for our heavenly father on the couch. The baby decided that she was going to get those goddamn shoes buckled or so help her god she'd never rest again. Also on the couch. As you can see, there's not a ton of space separating them. As you can also see, 3of3 was completely unfazed by the shenanigans to her right. She just kept right on with the buckling. And then the funniest thing that has ever happened ever, happened. One of those smelly, big brother feet came into her dance space. She didn't look up, she didn't budge an inch. She simply, with all her little ninja skills, grabbed the foot, shoved it back into it's allotted space, and said, "Please. Shoes."

A few minutes later, an arm came in her path. Again, no looks, no nothing. Just a shove and a "Please. Shoes."

Again, later. A butt this time. No reaction but a push and "Please. Shoes.

A few minutes later the better part of a brother came at her. This time she looked up. She took both arms, slammed them into the back of the brother, shoved as hard as she could and said, "DON'T. Please. Shoes!"

The girl likes shoes. What can I say?

Sometimes, nothing but daddy will do.

Last night, Josh and I were sitting out on the deck, bitching about Cheney or something, and 3of3 came toddling out to her daddy. He picked her up and was snuggling her when she saw something completely new and totally awesome. There were pretties. Pretties in the sky.

She pointed up and said, "Daddy, I want it."

Daddy looked up and said, "Stars? You want stars? Daddy will get you a star, baby."

That's when she started reaching towards the sky, trying to get them down. And that's when he started helping her. And that's when I took my leave and let them have their moment. Their moment that damn near made me cry.

I can die now.

"Hey, 3of3!"

"Yesh".... *click*
"Whatcha doin'?" *click*

"Pooh a ni-nigh." *click*

She's reading. *click*

To Pooh. *click*

So he can go nighty-night. I'm not entirely sure it's legal to be that cute.

We left Canada on what was to be the kids' first day of school.

Today, almost nine months later, they celebrated their last day of school.

The ten point review of their school year:

Zero...perfect attendance awards that feels like home

Two...thousand, five hundred thirty three miles
Three...times zones
Four...addresses friends ( and a whole gang of really, really good ones)

Six...Shakespeare performances
Seven...weeks of DI practice
Nine...hours of sleep a night
Ten...weeks until the first day of school again

It's been a blast. My kids are now 4th and 2nd graders. Yikes.