I'm Not Wearing Anything Under It, I Swear

So, a long time ago, someone that I know and love had a contest on their blog.  A "show me your boobs so I can send you this t-shirt that's circulating about the world" contest.  Let's just say, I took that a bit too literally.  Yes, one mommy blogger has my tatas slapped all over her family webpage.


But I digress.  The t-shirt made its way here and there and eventually landed in the lap of ZoeyJane.  She had a contest to give it away, and I totally entered that contest, not realizing it was a contest; I just like fill in the blank games is all.

Yep, I am finally in possession of that t-shirt.  No, I am not linking you to the booby shot.

It's the Lightening Online travelling t-shirt, and it's going around as far as we can all get it.  I will mail to to whoever wants it next.  To enter, all you have to do is tell me the most humiliating thing you've done in public in the comments.

Like, say, submitting a picture of your boobs to win a contest for a t-shirt, not winning said contest but still having your booby-shot shown on an insanely popular mom blog anyway.

Or, say, turning around at your desk in the 10th grade to talk to the mega-popular chick who sat behind you, who you had no business making eye-contact with let alone discussing protein synthesis with, and mid-sentence you sneeze, which wouldn't be a big deal if it weren't allergy season, in New England, causing you to sneeze out 2 tons of ectoplasmic residue all over that girls desk, science book, hand for Christ's sake.

Or, something like going to school in 9th grade wearing white pants and realizing in the middle of 2nd period chemistry that you've put your maxi-pad on upside down and just as you suspected, the adhesive strips aren't nearly as absorbent as the padded side is.

Make me feel better about myself before Wednesday, and the t-shirt, she's yours.  Join us, won't you?